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Alpha Property Fund ("APF") is a regulated mutual fund that aims to achieve long term capital growth by investing in a portfolio of United Kingdom freehold and leasehold residential and commercial property. APF provides an opportunity to investors to invest in a diversified property portfolio within a conservatively geared and well-managed investment vehicle.

In addition to capital growth, APF's fully tenanted portfolio of residential leasehold and freehold properties provides a healthy rental yield that delivers positive cash flows to cover the fund’s operating costs.

The majority of APF's assets are invested in property assets but as part of its diversified strategy, APF may also invest to a lesser degree in development opportunities, strategic land, property development and real estate related planning opportunities or property related companies from time to time, as the Directors see fit.

APF's investment strategy team has worked closely with land agents and property consultants throughout the recent recessionary period to identify and acquire strategic properties to successfully identify parcels of land that are suitable for residential development and will work with local authorities to obtain planning approval for residential housing developments.