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Income Bond Series Three

The Income Bond is a fixed income product that is offered by Alpha Property Fund and has been designed for those investors that are looking for a fixed regular income.

The quarterly income (or coupon) is generated from the rental income of an established residential property portfolio that delivers a stable and regular income from its tenanted properties. Any gains or losses to the property portfolio are attributed to the shareholders of the fund and the bond aims to return 100% of capital to investors at the end of the Term (the "Capital Guarantee").

The assets that underwrite the income and Capital Guarantee are the property assets owned by the fund. The bonds are debt instruments and bondholders take preference over shareholders providing added security. The intention of issuing a debt instrument is for the fund to raise money from bondholders to reduce its reliance on bank borrowing, whilst continuing to increase the size and stability of its property portfolio.

  • 3 Year Fixed Term – the bond will mature at the end of this term.
  • 5% coupon per annum paid quarterly in arrears.
  • Denominated in GBP.
  • Minimum application amount is £5,000.
  • Issue/redemption price is 100% of investment.
  • Coupon payments are paid gross. Tax treatment depends on the individual's circumstances.
  • There are no charges on this product.
  • Backed by the Alpha Property Fund's portfolio of United Kingdom residential properties.